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Macy Bath Co.,Ltd is a professional ceramic bathroom vessel sink, vanity basin, countertop basin and toilet supplier in China. We involved in sanitary ware indurstry since 2007. Our main products are CUPC approvel toilets, matt color vessel sink, vanity basin ,countertop washbasin, ceramic undermount sinks and porcelain slab vanity countertops.  Our main market is North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

With quality products and more than 10 years professional experience, we have many good customers in North American and Europe now. We continually develop new and existing products to meet and exceed the highest environmental and quality standards, like CUPC approvel bathroom sinks, toilets and matt color countertop basin.

Our sanitary ware products help define and enhance a bathroom space, and we are honored to help our customers creating an environment which will be enjoyed for years.

Why Choose Us?

1.We have  advanced auto high pressure production mould line for ceramic vessel sinks and toilets moren than  10  years  experience.

2. we understands that customer requiry are different and can accept small order for your special situation. We also can offfer whole bathroom products for small projects, so save customer’s time and cost.

3.we offers a huge selection of all kinds bathroom vessel sinks and toilets. We have new matt color bathroom sinks and toilets for luxury bathroom.

4.We  understands how important of natural environment  and quality, so we try to focus on them and offer suitable products to customer.

5. We have innovation and technology-focused design for ceramic bathroom sinks and toilets. always offer new design and color products to our customers.

6.We  are able to provide them with a 5-star customer support experience no matter if the customer is big or small.  As we have experienced sales, designers, QC persons and production person to be s professional team.

7.We can be ODM/OEM supplier to our customers. Our professional manufacturing process with detailed QC standard allows us to be  professional supplier. 

8. We can offer free samples with ceramic color sample,bathroom sinks and toilets for our customers.

black bathroom vessel sink

Matt Color Ceramic Countertop Washbasin

1.Every  bathroom countertop basin was fired at above 1280℃ degree. It is virtrous China materials for all  kinds of color.

2.We have all kinds of size and design to fullfill Europe and North American customers.

3. All the ceramic  bathroom vessel sink are first grade for middle and high rank market.

4. Bathroom sinks have CUPC and CE certification.

fireclay sink

Fireclay Farmhouse sink

1. Our fireclay sinks are heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and chip resistant.

2.Heat Resistance: feel free to place hot pans and other dishes in your sink without fear of damage. fireclay is virtually stain proof, simply wash down with water or scrub off with a Breeze scrubber

3.Scratch Resistance:  Sometimes, silverware can leave lines or scratches in the sink surface, but it’s the metal being left on the surface of the sink and not a true scratch int he sink. These can be easily cleaned off with a scrubber and a little elbow grease.Chip Resistance: fireclay is extremely hard and very resistant to chipping.

Matt black vanity basin

Matt Color Ceramic Vanity Basin

1.Matt black or white ceramic vanity basin is resistant to cracks, scratches, fading, heat and wear.

2. The simple design with mat color make luxury bathroom .It is popular in Europe.

3. All the glossy white design can have matt white or matt black color.

black drop in bathroom sink

Drop In Bathroom Sink

A drop-in bathroom sink is also sometimes called a top-mount sink or insert bathroom sink or a self-rimming sink, can include several other types of bathroom sinks. Here are a few pros of drop-in sinks:
1.One of the big benefits of drop-in bathroom vanity sinks is that they are versatile. 
2. Drop-In bathroom vessel Sinks are easy to Install.Because drop-in sinks simply insert into the countertop and rest on top of it, they tend to be easy to install. 
3. Because drop-in bathroom sinks are one of the most common types of sinks, they tend to be cost-effective. 

bathroom sink

Black Undermount Bathroom Sink

1.Black undermount sink is made from true vitreous china which is triple glazed and triple fired to ensure your sink is durable and strong.

2.The black undemrount sink glaze is high glossy. Undermounting a bathroom sink creates a sleek look and allows for more space on your countertop.

3.Black pop-up drains  finishes are available with this sink model. It is seems special and luxury.

black colored toilet

Black  Colored Toilets

1. All the white or black color toilets are fired at above 1280℃ degree. It is virtrous China materials for all  kinds of color.

2.We offer single or dual flush one piece toilet  and two piece toilet with white or black color.All the CUPC certitficate toilet have soft closed seat cover with SUS304 hinges and easy installation design.

2.Our CUPC certified toilets are Dual flush style with 1.0/1.28 GPF,,MAP test can be 800 g or 1000 g.

3. All the black color toilets are siphonic flush with Inside pipe glazed ,so it is easy to flush dirty with stronge flush ability.

matt black colored wall hung toilet

Colored Wall Hung Toilet

1.Rimless toilet design effectively prevents dirt from accumulating inside the toilet bowl. Since the toilet has no rims, there are no hidden cavities  This makes the inner surface much easier to clean compared to a conventional toilet.

2.Compared to conventional PP (Polypropylene) seat covers, UF (Urea-Formaldehyde) seat covers are high quality and scratch-resistant. UF seat covers are easy to clean and do not lose their shine even after years of use.

3. The black color glaze is vitrous china and fired on 1280 degress. so the surface is not easy to scratch.

ETL certificate tankless smart bidet toilet

Smart Bidet Toilet

1.ETL and CUPC certified Smart toilets and toilet seats take personal hygiene and modern convenience to new levels. Intuitive design pampers on every level with hands-free operation, ultimate comfort, and water-conserving performance.

2. Smart toilet provides a variety of automated, easily adjustable functions to cultivate a relaxing spa experience.Advanced features harness the power of technology to keep your room smelling fresh, with air circulation, room refresh deodorizer, and an air shield deodorizer.

3. This hygienic bidet seat includes an  feminine wash and aerated posterior wash with dual adjustable self-cleaning nozzles, and a heated toilet seat with adjustable temperature settings.

Integrated sintered stone washbasin

Integrated Sintered Stone Washbasin

1. Integrated sintered stone washbasins are manufactured from a type of clay that is heavy in a mineral known as kaolinite. It should be noted that clay rich in kaolinite typically also contains minerals including feldspar, silica and mineral oxides that add to its potential strength and gives it color too.

2. The surface strength of integrated sintered stone washbasins are achieved in the firing process, so the sintered stone washbasins resist chipping, scratches, cracks, wear and tear.Porcelain slabs vanity top is 30% stronger than granite.

3. Integrated sintered stone washbasins price is cheaper than quartz, engineer stone and natural stone. But it have more adavantage than them.

color sink drain

Color Bathroom Sink drain

1.  All the pop up bathroom sink drains are brass materials with overflow or without overflow.

2. Ceramic covers bathroom sink drains can be all kinds of color to match the basins.

3. All the ceramic cover can be color samples free for customers.

Black vessel sink faucet

Matt Black Basin faucet

1.Matt black basin faucets are made of high quality brass, gravity casting and five layers of electroplating treatment. Also inside of faucet use high quality imported ceramic valve, it can use 500,000 times without leakage.

2. Black sink faucets are complies with Americans with NSF certificate. So it is lead free. Black Fauces meets CUPC and EPA WaterSense to meet customer requiryment and save water.

3.Black basin faucet avoids the noise and splash caused by the collision between the outlet pressure and the water container, and ensures the water flow is gentle and relaxed.

Bathroom Design Center

1.We have professional designer  to design your bathroom according your bathroom plan and color choice.

2. We offer all kinds of colorful bathroom vessel sink and toilets to match all kinds bathroom design for customers. also can offer design bathroom pictures if customer confirm products and color.

3. Customers can choose bathroom products from our website. there are many options with all kinds of color basin and toilets and more. So we can offer detailed design to our customers.