Black toilets are however becoming more popular as more people seek to spruce up their bathrooms. Waking up to the same white toilet day in day out can get boring. If you know how to style up anything, you can actually attest to the fact that black can go with anything.
A black toilet, to be precise. Before you dismiss it as the provenance of goths or public restrooms with something to hide, allow us to make the case that a noir commode could be just what your bathroom needs. It not only works in a predominantly black bathroom, but complements materials like brass, black marble, terrazzo, and concrete.

black color toilet black colored toilet black colored toilet
Every once in a while you’ll come across a black toilet. For such a dark color, it stands out and draws attention.
Black toilets are usually seen in trendy homes and hotels. They will make a statement. These toilets are bought for style, but it’s essential the color works with other items in a bathroom.

A black sink, bathtub, towel racks, or black tile could match the toilet and make a bathroom pop with modern style. Converse to the benefits of a black toilet, there are also a few negatives to consider.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s so uncommon to see black or other colored toilets. I’ll list a few of the pros and cons of a black toilet to make your buying decision easier.

So Many White Toilets – Why Not Black
Why don’t we see more toilets with color? It’s odd to think about, but virtually all toilets are white and it’s not just in the U.S. Visit any country in the world and you’ll find 99% white toilets.

The main reason most toilets are white is that they are porcelain. Porcelain contains kaolin and a specific type of clay.

Once fired, the porcelain is a transparent white color and is usually finished white or a cream color
At first thought, one might think that white is the worst color for a toilet because it shows all the stains, but the color white has always represented cleanliness and purity. A white bowl forces us to clean it when it’s dirty, while darker toilets hide the dirt

Black toilets are unique. They are exotic and made for people who want to stand out. A black toilet won’t blend in with your bathroom, however, the stains inside the toilet will blend in!

One reason people don’t like black, or dark-colored toilets is because of watermarks and mildew. The watermarks and mildew can create a white ring in the bowl. It’s unsightly and it’s tough to remove (check out my article on the natural toilet cleaning strategies).
Pros Of Black Toilets
Can match other black items in bathroom
Spices up an boring bathroom
Hides solid waste stains well
Plenty of options available
Modern/Designer look

black colored toilet grey colored toilet grey colored toilet
What Other Colors Are There
In the 1970’s, it was fashionable to have blue, yellow, green, and pink hues in the bathroom (more info on retro bathrooms). Tile was often a funky color and it wasn’t uncommon to see a colorful toilet. Style has changed quite a bit since then, but some homeowners like the retro look of a colorful toilet.

There are a few toilets on the market that come in various colors. Peerless Pottery is a brand that I like because they cater to artistic folks and offer Venetian pink, Dresden blue, Sterling silver, bone, biscuit, beige, and harvest gold.

Isn’t it interesting that we rarely see black or other colored toilets? Except for the fancy designer home, or fancy hotel, you will seldom see a toilet that isn’t white. And it’s not just the case in American. All over the world, you’ll find white toilets.

black colored toilet black colored toilet black color toilet

If you consider yourself unique or prefer a colorful home, a black toilet might be the perfect option for you.

Black toilets are always in style, as long as they go with other décor in your bathroom. You can find black toilets in 1-piece and 2-piece options and you’ll find they also provided the same water-saving benefits as their white counterparts.

When I think of a black toilet I think of style and design. For this reason, I’d choose a high-end 1-piece toilet. 1-piece toilets tend to look modern and have better contours (either rounded or squared).