Ceramic is a material made from clay that has been shaped and fired in what’s called a kiln. This is a durable and incredibly long lasting material that is perfect for a simple and minimalistic bathroom. This is also a very popular choice for those with a more traditional ‘Victorian’esque’ bathroom style.
Ceramic washbasin is the standard choice these days, as they are easier to clean and maintain. Ceramic washbasins feature a glossy finish that highlights the cleanliness of a washroom. Ceramic is the ideal washbasin material for family bathrooms.

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How To Choose  Ceramic Wash Basins?
Bathrooms are essentially one of the most relaxing parts of the home. They provide a much needed avenue to relax and indulge in a refreshing bath. In this journey, Ceramic wash basins are one of the most used and easily ignored elements in a bathroom.However, it is trite to think that choosing the right type of ceramic wash basins demands experience and expertise. In reality, it’s quite an easy task, as long as you remember the basics. Here are some of the different types of wash basins that you can choose:

The Countertop washbasin
Choosing the best counter top basin will demand that you choose one that offers durability along with aesthetics.
Counter top wash basins are also called self-rimming basins or drop-ins. They fit into many types of counter tops. Typically, home owners choose them because they are self-rimming and are easy to install. Counter tops are also a common choice for luxury bathrooms. They are thus the best choice when choosing wash basins for luxury bathrooms in hotels, spas or resorts.

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Pedestal ceramic Washbasins
Although pedestal sinks are a convenient, traditional, practical and long-lasting solution, they are becoming less common. These sinks are normally found in small-sized bathrooms that aren’t frequently utilized. They feature columns that provide support for the basin, which is placed on the top. These columns also add aesthetic value since they hide the pipes that connect to the basin. Although cleaning the back of the column is possible in most pedestal sinks, it can sometimes prove to be quite arduous because of the lack of space between the column and the wall. As part of modern bathroom ideas, pedestal sinks these days feature designs where both the basin and column aren’t separate, but a single block.

Pedestal wash basins are usually the most preferred choice for powder rooms and guest bathrooms where there is a space constraint. Due to their usual sleekness, they can create an illusion of a larger space and thus enhance user appeal.

Semi-Recessed Washbasins
Semi-recessed washbasins are an ideal choice for bathrooms that have limited space as well as for those who prefer vanity cabinets underneath the basin, for storage purposes. These washbasins generally have a set of cabinets placed right below them, providing extra space for toiletries and towels. Such innovative bathroom washbasin designs also help in freeing up valuable floor space while adding valuable bench space that can be used to keep cosmetics and other products. Semi-recessed washbasins are akin to pedestal washbasins as they allow users to get closer to the basin to reach the tap without being obstructed by the cabinets or the benchtop.

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The Wall Mount ceramic washbasin
Wall Mount wash basins usually have a basin mounted on the bathroom wall with the helps of screws. The position and height of the mount depends on the preference of the user. When choosing wall mount basins, it is important to go for options that are not too heavy as having a heavy basin held by mere screws for a very long time may not be advisable.

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Some home owners however choose them because they are relatively cheaper than the pedestal types. They come in different designs and thematic concepts.

Under-Mount Washbasins
Under-mount washbasins are the variety that sits beneath the benchtop. The rims in these sinks are secured to the base of the benchtop instead of lying on top of it. This produces a very seamless, streamlined appearance, as not much of the actual basin is exposed. Another benefit is that water spilling out of these sinks can be wiped straight off the benchtop into the sink without any hindrance, making them a fabulous, easy-to-clean addition to any bathroom. Under-mount basins are usually only feasible under solid surface stone benchtops. They don’t quite work well enough with laminate benchtops, as they don’t allow for effective sealing against moisture. Under-mount washbasins usually are costlier than top-mount basins and are most suitable for family bathrooms that are frequently used.

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The Above-Counter washbasins
Home owners who want a highly innovative and modern bathroom will definitely find the above-counter wash basin to be the right choice. The basin rises above the console of the cabinet or counter and thus creates a focal point that looks interesting. They are most commonly used in urban cities. The trick here is however to note that the height of the countertop should be as low as possible so that the basin can be accessed easily.

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Washplane Washbasins
Washplane basins are perhaps the most simplistic of all basins. They are most often featured in bathrooms in restaurants and hotels as they are more stylish and more streamlined than other washbasin types. These washbasins are great additions to washrooms with limited space, as they require very little space themselves. They are perfect for use in powder rooms. Generally made of porcelain, ceramic, and even glass sometimes, washplane basins that are a part of modern bathroom ideas are available also in marble and granite. Washplane basins are generally mounted on stainless steel troughs that catch water before flowing into waste pipes that are behind the wall.

Ceramic Vessel Washbasins
Vessel basins are those that sit entirely on top of the benchtop. However, there are a few variations that sit a bit below the bench as well. Vessel basins draw a lot of attention and are a great way to amp up the aesthetic value of your bathroom to tremendous proportions. These basins, like their name suggests, are large bowls that can hold plenty of water in them and are the preferred choice of those who like deeper basins.

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Top-Mount Washbasin
Top-Mount basins are the most common of all basin types. These basins are, for the most part, underneath the benchtop with only their rims sitting on top of the benchtop. One can choose from a couple of variations where the rims are either chunky or quite slim. Top-mount basins work well with most benchtop materials. Because the benchtop cut out will almost entirely be covered by the basin, they are at lesser risk of undergoing water damage. Installing top-mount basins is quite cheap and less arduous than most other basin varieties. An added advantage is that the cut-out edges of the benchtops they sit on, do not necessitate any strenuous polishing, as in the case of under-mount basins.


Choosing the right kind of bathroom ceramic wash basin starts by understanding the needs and requirements of the user. With a clear goal, you can easily choose the right wash basin that not only works perfectly, but also amps up your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.