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A drop-in bathroom sink is also sometimes called a top-mount sink or insert bathroom sink or a self-rimming sink, can include several other types of bathroom sinks. What makes a sink a drop-in sink is the lip or rim around the edge that allows it to rest on top of the countertop. Drop-in vanity sinks get their name because they are placed or “dropped” into the countertop and the edge rests on top of the countertop to help carry the sink’s weight.This type of sink offers several benefits. Here are a few pros of drop-in sinks:
1. They Are Versatile.One of the big benefits of drop-in bathroom vanity sinks is that they are versatile. Not only are they available in a wide variety of materials, but they are also customizable. Drop-in sinks come in porcelain, granite, stainless steel, and more.
They can be single, double, or even triple basin. Depending on the design of the porcelain bathroom sink, faucets can be mounted directly on top of the countertop or they can be made with holes to accommodate other types of faucets and fixtures.
2. Drop-In bathroom vessel Sinks are easy to Install.Because drop-in sinks simply insert into the countertop and rest on top of it, they tend to be easy to install. On top of that, their installation tends to be faster than other types of sinks.And, because their edges rest on top of the counter and there are clamps underneath, a drop-in sink does not usually need extra support underneath it.
3. They Tend to Be Cost-Effective. Because drop-in bathroom sinks are one of the most common types of sinks, they tend to be cost-effective. The sink itself tends to be less expensive and the installation usually is as well. Plus, it’s easy to clean them and re-caulk as needed for maintenance.