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Wall hung toilets have no visible cistern, which is instead hidden behind a thin false wall known as a duct set. With all the services and cistern hidden within this duct set, you create an integrated plumbing system, which protects these elements from tampering or damage, while giving you a clean, minimalist look to your washroom.
1. Easier to clean: As the base of the toilet does not touch the floor, it becomes easier to clean the toilet from all around. This keeps the toilet neat & hygienic.
2. Customize height: The height of the toilet bowl can be mounted to your comfort. The regular commodes are available in prefixed standard heights. But, in wall-hung toilets, you can install them according to your height & preference.
3. Occupy less space: The cistern tank & other plumbing accessories are hidden within the wall. The space covered by the toilet pan is limited.
4. Less noise:The filling & emptying of water in the cistern after flushing creates negligible noise. The wall blocks the noise created in the flush tank to a greater extent.
5. Easy to operate:Flushing of water is done by the push-button system as shown in the image.