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30 inch apron fireclay farmhouse sink 3020N

Fireclay kitchen sink offers a fresh stylish and design. These fireclay sinks are as beautiful as they are durable with an attractive porcelain glaze that can stand up to kitchen tasks.Our fireclay sinks are heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and chip resistant.


Fireclay kitchen sink offers a fresh stylish and design. These fireclay sinks are as beautiful as they are durable with an attractive porcelain glaze that can stand up to kitchen tasks.

Item NO.: 3020N farmhouse sink

Description: 30 inch Fireclay farmhouse sink

Size: 760x 508 x2 54 mm or 30″ x 20 ” x 10″

Color: Glossy White

fireclay farmhouse sink fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink 30 inch farmhouse sink
FARMHOUSE STYLE: Add a little extra style to your sink and your kitchen with an Macy apron front sink.
UNDERMOUNT INSTALLATION: This farmhouse sink is installed beneath the countertop creating a seamless appearance where sink and countertop meet.
STRONG: Fireclay sink is baked at more than 2,000° F for lasting durability that’s stain and scratch resistant.
HANDCRAFTED: Fine fireclay material is handcrafted and finished with a smooth and glossy surface.
SINGLE BOWL: Enjoy one large uninterrupted space for household tasks such as washing, stacking or soaking dishes.
DEEP BOWLS: Large bowls makes it convenient to wash oversized items like stockpots and baking sheets.
STANDARD DRAIN FITTINGS: Sink uses standard drain fittings; sold separately.
NATURALLY SOUND DEADENING: Thick fireclay material helps to reduce sound and vibration while working at the sink.
CABINET SIZE: 36″ minimum custom cabinet with an inside support frame required for proper installation.


What is Fireclay?
Fireclay is a highly durable and time-tested material that is, in outward appearance, somewhat like enameled cast iron – only with a far stronger and more resilient finish. Macy uses a proprietary blend of fine fireclay with a dense material structure that makes these sinks highly resistant to thermal shock and impact. The ultra-fine particle size allows for a perfectly even application of finish, preventing cracking and crazing that can occur with sinks made from coarser grain material. The superior density of the fine fireclay formulation also makes these sinks naturally sound dampening, eliminating noise and vibration from running water and clattering dishes when the sink is in use, so that no exterior soundproofing is needed to enjoy a quieter kitchen!

What is fireclay made?
First, the clay is poured into molds based on the shape and size desired
It is then left to dry in a mildly heated room for up to 2 days.
Once the clay is dry, porcelain enamel is applied by hand before putting the sink inside a kiln to bake!
The temperature is cranked up to over 2000 degrees F for almost 24 hours, and this is when the magic happens!
The high temperature fuses the enamel to the ceramic making the sink extremely non-porous, durable and heavy-duty.
The fireclay farmhouse sink is born and it is hard and resistant to chips, cracks, stains, and rust. Fireclay sinks have a handcrafted quality to them and that’s what makes them all the more special.

What is advantage of fireclay sink?
Our fireclay sinks are heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and chip resistant.

Heat Resistance: feel free to place hot pans and other dishes in your sink without fear of damage.

Stain Resistance: fireclay is virtually stain proof, simply wash down with water or scrub off with a Breeze scrubber

Scratch Resistance: in the rare case that you see a scratch on your fireclay sink, it’s likely residue from another item or material and not a true scratch in the sink itself. Sometimes, silverware can leave lines or scratches in the sink surface, but it’s the metal being left on the surface of the sink and not a true scratch int he sink. These can be easily cleaned off with a scrubber and a little elbow grease. If that doesn’t work, try a little bit of metal polish – that will help to remove the metal from the surface of the sink and restore it to it’s scratch-free shine.

Chip Resistance: fireclay is extremely hard and very resistant to chipping. However, it can occur in rare circumstances. For example, we repeatedly hit this sink with a hammer to no effect. It wasn’t until we turned the claw side of the hammer on it to get any kind of issue. See if you can find the small chip. With everyday use, these kinds of chips won’t happen unless your idea of “everyday use” is to repeatedly whack it with a hammer claw)your sink, there are repair kits available that will fill small chips quickly and easily. This is another area where fireclay has an edge on materials . Porcelain is much more susceptible to chipping and when cast iron chips, the dark color of the cast iron will show through. IF fireclay chips, the chip is must less conspicuous
Because of all these benefits, fireclay is the clear front runner against porcelain sinks or artifical stone sinks. But the best part is the value. While fireclay outmatches enameled cast iron in quality, durability, and more.

Ultra-Smooth Surface Completely Eliminates Stains
Wear-resistant and rust proof, the glossy enamel-finished surface of fireclay sinks is so smooth that you can simply wipe away food residue and liquids. Nothing sticks to this easy-maintenance sink, and items that could stain other sinks won’t even leave a mark – testing shows that nothing will permanently mark the non-porous material, not even a permanent Sharpie pen! For optimal results, we recommend rinsing the inside of your sink with lukewarm water and wiping it with a microfiber cleaning cloth after every use. For a more thorough clean and long-lasting shine, use water and a mild liquid soap detergent that does not contain ammonia. Apply the cleaner with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, then thoroughly rinse and pat dry. Since the non-porous finish is impervious to scratches and highly resistant to common household chemicals, you can also use baking soda or even a scrub sponge or mild abrasive cleaner – this sink can handle anything you throw at it, and more.

Advanced Glazing Technology
Using a cutting-edge finishing technique, an extra-thick layer of enamel glaze is applied to each sink and fired at high temperatures of 2300°F to completely fuse it to the sink surface. The result? An ultra-strong, perfectly smooth high-gloss finish that offers unparalleled durability and protection against scratches and stains. Maintaining a beautifully clean look for the life of your sink, this finish will never yellow or discolor over time.

More Resilient Than Most Other Sinks
Impossible to chip, crack, or stain, fine fireclay sinks share some aesthetic similarities the fireclay surface, however, is far more forgiving on dropped objects, and much less likely to sustain damage from dropped dishes and utensils . Solid core construction ensures unmatched durability – Compression-molded with proprietary molding technology for superior strength, these sinks easily stand up to even the heaviest use, unlike hollow core sinks that can crack or chip under impact.

So Many Options – From Mounting to Style

Fireclay sinks allow you to enjoy the ultimate level of functionality and style in any kitchen. Our collection offers a range of designs; from clean and contemporary dual mount basins, to farmhouse sinks with beautifully pronounced apron fronts that fit perfectly into any environment, including rustic, traditional, urban, and modern kitchens. Designed to offer maximum style versatility, the smart reversible farmhouse design offers a choice of displaying a traditionally inspired apron front, or a sleeker, flatter apron front for a more modern look.

Our universal dual mount models are engineered to give you the highest level of installation flexibility, with the option to install as an undermount for a contemporary look that makes cleaning easy, or as a topmount with any kind of kitchen countertop (even laminate or butcher-block). A great configuration for retrofitting, these sinks feature a thick deck that allows for easy drop-in installation into a pre-cut hole in the countertop, supporting the weight of the sink and concealing the unfinished countertop edges for a perfectly finished look.