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Diamond gold line colored one piece toilet 276GGL

This colored one piece toilet With An Elegant colorful Line is a divine yet luxurious which brings the shine and delights the eye in every modern bathroom.



Colored one piece toilet With An Elegant colorful Line is a divine yet luxurious which brings the shine and delights the eye in every modern bathroom.
The  colored toilet offers exceptional comfort and performance including super-quiet flush valve. . Thanks to its sleek one-piece design, this luxury black colored toilet eliminates the gaps and crevices where dirt and grime collect making it a hygienic, easy-to-clean option for the busiest bathroom. This Dual-Flush high-efficiencyblack colored one piece toilet uses just 3 litres/6 litres.
Crafted in vitreous china, the colored toilets comes in all kind of color for flush trip lever. The toilet is shown with chrome trim; with several alternate trim finishes available to compliment your bath hardware and accessories. All toilets include a soft-close seat cover with quick-release hinges         gold line colored toilet grey colored toilet grey colored toilet

one piece toilet advantage

Item No.: 276GGL

Vitreous china colored one-piece toilet
Nominal Dimensions: 700x360x830mm

Drainage Pattern: S-trap:250mm/300mm/400mm P-trap:180mm
Weight 55 kg
One-piece construction eliminates crevices for easy cleaning
Soft-close seat and cover
MicroGlaze anti-microbial, non-staining glaze

Flushing Method: Siphon Flushing, 2-1/8″ trapway
Fully-glazed internal trap-way
9″ x 7″ water surface area

Accessories Included:
Toilet seat cover, with slow-close hinges
Solid metal trip lever
wax ring and floor screw.

Package: 5-layer cartons with foam
Delivery Time: 30 days after receiving deposit

Do Toilet Seat Colors Need To Match The Toilet?
Go bold and make a strong visual statement with a toilet seat that doesn’t match the rest of the toilet. It is acceptable to install a toilet seat that is in a different color than its base, which is commonly white, in a home. As long as the toilet seat is a standard size, whether it is elongated or round, and it fits the bowl, you can place it on your toilet. There is no hard-fast rule that a toilet seat has to be the same color as the toilet.

Are All Toilets Universal?
Most colored toilets are a standard size and can fit the average bathroom. The rough-in space can be anywhere between 11 and 14 inches but is usually around 12 inches. However, modern bathrooms and vintage homes may require a larger or smaller toilet than the standard measurements. Make sure to check the space in your bathroom when installing a toilet and ensure your seat is compatible with the base. Also, there are slight differences between toilets based on their bowl shape, seat shape, and flusher style.

How Do You Find Out What Color Your Toilet Is?
Toilets are identified according to their manufacturer, a serial number, and a designated color. Over the years, certain colors and styles may fall out of fashion. So, if you are looking for a specific color or brand, it’s important to know how to identify your toilet’s specifics.

Check out the space between the bowl and the seat, the inside of the tank, or under the tank lid for any identifying information. Feel free to break out swatches of Pantone colors if you have to guess the color of your toilet if there is no legible information available.