Ceramic undermount sink CU01610

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Ceramic undermount sink CU01610

CUPC certified Ceramic undermount sinks are beautifully crafted to fit flush with your counter top. These contemporary classics are designed to fit seamlessly and accentuate virtually any bathroom decor. Each of these sinks is made with a Glaze Ceramic that is twice as thick as other general ceramics.

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CUPC certified Ceramic undermount sink are oval shape with classical design. It is 17 inch  for any bathroom.


1.Design: Oval sink with overflow, undermount installation design.

2. Size: 
Outside: W 17-3/10″ x D 14-1/5×7-3/10″, Inside: W 15-2/5″ x D 12-2/5″

3. Materials: Vitreous
china and Enamel glaze

4. Fittings:  include drainer and mounting clips 

5. Performance: 
Easy to clean with Standard USA drainer size and overflow rate

6.Certified by the CUPC