A rimless toilet appears just like your traditional toilet. Its rimless features are all hidden, but make a huge difference in your ability to keep a cleaner bathroom. A traditional toilet has a rim around the inner edge of the bowl. When you flush, the water enters the bowl from under that rim. It is nearly impossible to clean under the rim and with the downward motion of the waterfall, the bowl does not always remove all the solids after flushing.

A rimless toilet changes the way water enters the bowl during flushing. It uses a rear-mounted valve that pushes water into the bowl horizontally along the sides. There are no hidden crevices for waste to enter and get stuck. It produces a cleaner flush every time.
How Do Rimless Toilets Work?

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It’s actually quite difficult to imagine, upon first hearing the term at least, to imagine what a rimless toilet must look like. And when you do see one, you can be excused for not immediately being able to decipher the difference.

That’s because to discover the difference of a rimless toilet you must open the toilet lid and peer inside to the rimless toilet bowl. For although the rimless toilet looks rather identical on the outside, it’s inside that we discover their difference.

Yes, it’s as simple as that – there is no rim around the inside of the toilet bowl.

It doesn’t sound like much but let’s get into the details and we’re sure you’ll be just as “bowled” over as we were…

What Are the Advantages of Rimless Toilets?

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Though it may not look much different the removal of the rim makes a big difference. A rimless toilet makes for significantly easier cleaning and a clear improvement in hygiene. There is no build-up of evil bacteria and no possibility for limescale to lurk. There is nothing except a smooth bowl that sparkles after every flush.

Most rimless toilets use a direct flush technique that shoots water around the basin of the toilet rather than have the water be redistributed in the manner of a traditional rimmed toilet. This direct flush washes the entire rimless toilet pan more efficiently and actually looks really cool when it does so.

And though the provided flush is far more powerful, the action itself is actually more economical than traditional rimmed toilets to help you save on those pounds and pennies.

So, a pathway to more modern design – tick. Saving on water bills – tick. Keeping your children safe and your home cleaner – tick. Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

Do Rimless Toilets Splash?

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If you are researching rimless toilets, you may see that many users comment about splashing which they never encountered with a traditional toilet. It all has to do with installation.

There is a flow-rate valve at the back of the rimless toilet that must be properly adjusted when it is first installed. A good adjustment sends just enough water into the bowl to swirl along the sides without washing over the top. If you have too much water pressure, it will create an unwelcome fountain.

The manufacturers recommend doing several test flushes before the toilet is put into use so that the valve can be properly positioned. If your home experiences a change in water pressure, you may need to make further changes to the setting in the future.
Water saving, easy to clean and more hygienic. It’s easy to see why rimless toilets are growing in popularity. Will you go rimless for your new toilet?